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5 things Las Vegas

The five things you’ll never catch me doing in Las Vegas are:

#1 going to the movie theatre on the strip

Why waste valuable strip time watching a movie that you could watch in your own hometown. I love the movies and go all the time  but never in Las Vegas.

Now my parents were going to LV for a few weeks at a time. They had a 5th wheel and would park it at an RV park beside a casino. That casino had a movie theatre and they would go on senior day. This is a different story altogether. But if you are just in town for 3-4 nights please go to a live show or concert!

#2 doing that bungee jumping thing, Sky Jump,  at the stratosphere


#3 that game that belongs anywhere but the strip, Keno

Keno is a game you can play at any gas station and suburban mall. If you love Keno play it at home and save your precious vacation time for something a little more interactive. At least play video poker or blackjack at a casino bar. You can strike up a conversation with the bartender and other patrons plus get free drinks!  There was a time when Keno and BINGO were still a fun way to spend time on the strip. The last casino that had BINGO  on the strip was blown up quite a while ago.

One of my favorite scenes from Vegas Vacation does involve Keno so it’s not all bad.

vegas vacation

#4 Eat at White Castle again

#5  Buy water from random street vendors

If you have a cooler full of water doesn’t make you a licensed vendor. I have read some gross stories and seen grown men running from the police because of this. Just say no.

The five things that I would do again in Las Vegas in a heartbeat are:

#1 the Beatles Love by Circ de Soleil

I’ve  been three times already but would go a million times again. I love love love Love.

#2 a concert at the Mandalay Bay House of Blues venue

We saw Billy Idol there and it was fantastic. I want to be that cool at 60.

#3 the High Roller at the Linq

We went last year, late at night. Had a Groupon so that was pretty good. Met three crazy Albertans who talked us into drinking like mad during the half an hour. They do call it the happiest half hour in Vegas but still…let’s say it was a fun time but the night ended very shortly after the ride.

My advice is to try and get a bar car that only has your group in it. That way you can set the pace and tone. 

# 4 the Auto Collections in the Linq

It been a few years since we went but you can see hundreds of cars you would normally never see close up. One year they had the Pope Mobile alongside cars previously owned by celebrities and elite sports cars. Plus it’s air-conditioned.

#5 go back to Hogs and Heifers

My husband and I went there a few years back during a group trip with friends. It’s like Coyote Ugly but actually Hogs and Heifers is the original bar that the movie was based on. You can go to Coyote Ugly in the NY NY  hotel but I think Hogs and Heifers near Freemont is more my style! Don’t go there if you want a fancy drink and won’t dance on a bar.

The five things that I would like to do in upcoming trips to Las Vegas are:

#1 eat at the opening soon, Wahlburgers

On our trip this March we were so excited to see the  Wahlburgers being built in front of Bally’s. My husband and I watch the show and will eat there as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately it looks like that won’t be until 2017.

#2 eat at the opening soon, Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips

At this point we have almost given up. Seriously Gordon! We were promised your 4th restaurant for Spring 2015. Still waiting.

#3 zip lining on Freemont or at the Rio

I guess I’d rather zip across something than be bounced up and down repeatedly.

#4 the gun store

Yes, I’d like to shoot Machine Gun.  I have never shot a gun before but I would give it a try for sure! It is expensive so we haven’t done it yet.


#5 go to the strip’s new  T-Mobile Arena

Which we are going on our next trip and I’ll let you know all about it when it happens.

People wonder why we go a lot to Las Vegas  but really there is so much to do and see. Las Vegas is constantly evolving and changing so there is always a new sight to see and adventure to start.



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