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Las Vegas Tip #2 Total Rewards, M Life and other reward cards.

total rewards
Here is the second piece of great Las Vegas info. It could save you from realizing on your last day in Las Vegas that you could have been doing this all along…

It’s important to get a players card for, at the very least, the hotel you stay at in Las Vegas. Many of the hotel groups like Ceaser’s and MGM offer an online sign up making it easier to just pick the card up upon arrival.

These cards are used while playing table games like blackjack, inserted into slot machines, may give discounts at restaurants and entertainment, and at some casinos can be used while buying gum at the little stores (for more points or redeeming points).

One thing it does for sure is sends a message to the hotel that you are spending money there and would like to return. Oh sure you might get a few bucks at the end of your stay to put towards your hotel bill or a dinner but the real prize is given when you book your next stay using your card #’s. When my husband and I take a trip to LV we call the hotel we want to stay at (primarily a Ceaser’s property because they don’t have a resort fee) and give both of our card #’s. Depending on the property it has unlocked free to extremely discounted room rates. The Rio, for instance, is a bit off-strip so they gave us four nights there for free. We also received the Flamingo for free another time. We did pay for an extra night, a Saturday night, because we added it later. Still that trip only cost us a little over $100 in hotel costs (plus we did the $20 trick).

You will have to do your own research to find out more about all the restaurants or shows give what discounts because I have a life and can’t devote it to telling you but I will give you a few.

1. We saw the Elvis Cirque du Soleil at the Aria and got a discount with our M Life card (that’s MGM, Circus Circus, Mandalay Bay, Luxor etc…).

2. The Sugar Factory in the Paris Casino gives a % off if you show your card before the bill comes. That’s the Total Rewards card (Ceaser’s, Flamingo, Paris, Planet Hollywood, The Quad etc…).

3. The concierge at the MGM Grand gave us a great discount off of Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club tickets. All it took was showing the card.

4. If you see two prices on a menu, one higher and one lower with the symbol above beside it, then it’s a clue to show the Total Rewards card when paying. Unless you want to pay more. Then don’t bother!

The reality is that most of the strip is own by two companies. Yes, there are a few renegades. But not that many that you’d need a dozen cards. If you only get two, get M Life and Total Rewards. Plus the card for where you are staying if it is the random other, like Treasure Island or The Venetian.

Have fun unlocking the savings!



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