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Finally some progress on the cluttered garage!

How long does it take to make a garage presentable? If it’s me, years and years!

This week I have put in a few minutes here and there. Finally seeing progress. What I did was swept a small area at a time, then put a play tile down. One tile at a time. Sweep, Tile, Repeat. Sometimes that’s all you need to make a difference. Now there is still a bit of sweeping to do but it’s getting there. When a few of the items get put in our crawl space and other things get recycled or donated, the space will really start shaping up. What doesn’t belong is three clear bins plus one white bin are full of clothes, shoes etc… that didn’t make the cut for my time doing Project 333. They need to get out of my garage! As soon as June ends, I will be going through them all to make some tough cuts. Donate, donate, donate. Donate. I’m glad there is a floor after all. It needs to be washed but it exists. Yeah! What the garage will ultimately become is still a mystery. Maybe I will have it almost empty (except for a couple of things like the bikes), set up my easel and paint for the first time in years. It could become a playroom or a simple office. A man-cave, a car port, a gym. The possibilities are endless.

There is another thing coming up that is chock full of possibilities. For the first time since becoming a mom, I will have the house all to myself for a Saturday night, a whole Sunday and a Monday morning. I won’t be at work so it’s all MY time. It could be a Me Party. What should I do with all that time? Someone told me to read a good book under a tree, another one said fly to Vegas. One mom thought she’d watch her favorite shows all day and cook a frozen pizza. Drink some wine, clean the house, invite friends over, take friends out, take a bath… great ideas. I am tempted just use the time to deep clean and de-clutter. Any more suggestions? Please.


People (in Britain) want simpler lives, they want to downsize. People are becoming very bewildered by too many choices – Marian Salzman, ‘trend spotter’, USA (2006)

“Be smart, drink your wine.” – Horace


About stephanieough

Wife, mom, concerned citizen of the earth. Striving towards intentional living rather than blindly following. Former Education Specialist for a corporation, I have now taken a step back to spend time with my family and work closer to home. Hoping to reduce our waste through refusing, reducing and reusing so that we will not have to recycle as much. Also, I love to explore zero-waste fast food and take pictures of my sucesses. I'm a fan of British comedies like Red Dwarf and Black Adder, Kevin Smith and his movies, Asian food, documentaries, biographies and going to Las Vegas on vacation. If someone told me I could only listen to the Beatles for the rest of my life I would die happy.


7 thoughts on “Finally some progress on the cluttered garage!

  1. Your garage is amazing, most garages can’t fit a car into them. As for your weekend, I would sleep in then do whatever I felt like at that moment, enjoy your weekend.

    Posted by livingsimplyfree | June 21, 2012, 10:48 pm
  2. My first thought was to say, with your days to yourself. DO NOT CLEAN! (that is for regular life, this is special)….but then I thought you would likely not be happy being entirely selfindulgent….so my thought is clean and declutter half the time if you must and THEN make a big bowl of popcorn and crawl into bed and watch as much junk tv as you can handle or good movies, or read and also buy and have on hand your favourite foods for meals….to eat while lying in bed being totally decadent watching tv or reading for hours on end….real life will return soon enough…(I’m assuming you will be alone when I made these suggestions)……;-)

    Posted by Adele | June 22, 2012, 5:31 pm
  3. Nicely done with the garage! My vote is for an artist’s studio. I recently had a (child-free) decluttering weekend foiled by the flu. I watched Bridesmaids and cried and felt sorry for myself. Anything you get up to has got to be better than that, although Bridesmaids was a good movie…
    I noticed recently that I’m a terrible procrastinator – leaving the things I fear/dislike the most to the bitter end. So, my advice is, start the one thing that you are putting off…then get into bed with the popcorn. There’s no better feeling than finding out that the big job you’ve been putting off was much bigger in your imagination. It always is. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Posted by Christine@100things100days | June 22, 2012, 11:48 pm
    • Thanks Christine! It’s looking like I will be loosing the full kid-free day though. The stat was supposed to be the Sunday but has been changed to Monday instead. I will still get some me time but it will be interrupted by work. Now I am determined to get a full day in the future!
      Like you I do leave the worst things til last. My old boss used to say to do the thing you least want to do first thing in the morning. That way you can enjoy the rest of the day.

      Posted by stephanieough | June 23, 2012, 8:19 am


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