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Why we don’t buy eggs in styrofoam cartons.

We don’t buy eggs in styrofoam cartons.

When buying eggs at the supermarket look around at all the choices. There will be some cardboard options. Please choose one of those. Cardboard is recyclable. Styrofoam is not.

Ideally we would all buy eggs from our local farms. Maybe we would even go that extra step and reuse a carton or go cartonless. I don’t expect that level of commitment though. All I hope for is that next time you buy a carton of eggs please look at the packaging and choose cardboard. It makes a difference.

It seems like an easy choice, right? But eggs are still being sold in styrofoam cartons all over North America every minute of every day.

What’s holding your eggs?


“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.”

Edward Abbey

“We need a new system of values, a system of the organic unity between humankind and nature and the ethic of global responsibility.”

Mikhail Gorbachev, President, Green Cross International


About stephanieough

Wife, mom, concerned citizen of the earth. Striving towards intentional living rather than blindly following. Former Education Specialist for a corporation, I have now taken a step back to spend time with my family and work closer to home. Hoping to reduce our waste through refusing, reducing and reusing so that we will not have to recycle as much. Also, I love to explore zero-waste fast food and take pictures of my sucesses. I'm a fan of British comedies like Red Dwarf and Black Adder, Kevin Smith and his movies, Asian food, documentaries, biographies and going to Las Vegas on vacation. If someone told me I could only listen to the Beatles for the rest of my life I would die happy.


4 thoughts on “Why we don’t buy eggs in styrofoam cartons.

  1. I did not know that. In Australia they can only be sold in cardboard. I buy mine from a local farmers market and take my cardboard container back for him to fill each week. I’m really disappoined to hear styrofoam is still being used at all.

    Posted by subtlekate | April 28, 2012, 11:19 pm
    • It is really sad. People justify it in all sorts of ways. “Did you know that the cartons can be reused in classrooms when painting?” Well it still won’t biodegrade so that’s not a good option. I am so happy to hear that Australia is doing the right thing.

      Posted by stephanieough | April 29, 2012, 7:58 am
  2. I havent seen a styrofoam carton in years. The egg producers must not use them locally. We only buy them in cardboard too.

    Posted by lightlycrunchy | April 29, 2012, 10:22 am

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