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Cinema Politica’s Viewing of “Addicted to Plastic”

I went to see “Addicted to Plastic” this week. It was being shown at our city council chambers by Cinema Politica. My major curiosity was how they planned to give out the advertised free coffee and popcorn. I brought my own water canteen because if I drink coffee too late I can’t sleep. As soon as I entered I saw they had real mugs set up for people to use. How wonderful! There were also a few paper cups available. They had air-popped pocorn in paper lunch bags. What a great message – you can still have a night out without styrofoam or plastic ending up in the garbage.The movie was great. It’s major focus was on what happens to plastic once it leaves your home. With  visits to many recycling programs, garbage dumps, scientists and even one slimy beauocrat it’s a quite eye opening adventure. I even learned a new word, nurdle.

nurdle 43 up, 23 down
those little plastic pellets you find washed up on the beach after they’ve gotten lost on the way to factory where they make plastic water bottles that you buy instead of drinking tap water. They’re also found in the bellies of poor sealife that mistake them for food. And they’re plastic, so they don’t break down.
There’s more nurdles in the ocean than plankton. A lot more

-copied from the Urban Dictionary

One funny part was when they imagine a life without plastic. There was still an elastic band around some carrots in the fridge. I won’t ruin it all for you. Well worth watching!


“We must go through a natural revolution if we are to survive on earth. We need to change people’s perceptions. If there’s no environment, there’s no human race. We are in a state of global denial.”

Ted Turner


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Wife, mom, concerned citizen of the earth. Striving towards intentional living rather than blindly following. Former Education Specialist for a corporation, I have now taken a step back to spend time with my family and work closer to home. Hoping to reduce our waste through refusing, reducing and reusing so that we will not have to recycle as much. Also, I love to explore zero-waste fast food and take pictures of my sucesses. I'm a fan of British comedies like Red Dwarf and Black Adder, Kevin Smith and his movies, Asian food, documentaries, biographies and going to Las Vegas on vacation. If someone told me I could only listen to the Beatles for the rest of my life I would die happy.


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