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As August meets September…

Big Brothers came again yesterday. It’s amazing how there always seems to be lots to give them. More clothes, toys, kitchen and household items left. Good riddance! Or more apt would be the phrase “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”. It’s only bad rubbish to us though and happily out of the house. A co-worker gave the boys hundreds of VHS tapes this month. We kept a bunch, offered the rest to everyone else at work and then put the rest out for Big Brothers too.

This week I cleaned out under the kitchen sink. Terrifying! Amazing what was down there that we hadn’t taken care of. Too many cleaning products that we don’t even use and some that we didn’t even buy. The explanation for that is long and extends to every part of our home in some way. Short version is that the very old woman that we bought our home from left “crap” everywhere.  Various cleaning products were left all over too including under the sink. She also left a nasty plastic bin to hold said products. Four odd years later it was still hanging out under there. Most of the chemicals were moved to the laundry room and will be dealt with soon. The dog chewed bin (we don’t even have a dog) got thrown away because it was non-recyclable. Two cheerful bins were added that weren’t being used somewhere else in the house. Voila! A major transformation. Please ignore the plastic bags that are non-biodegradable. We are not financially able to add the biodegradable ones to our budget at this time. Buying them from Costco in the larger pack saves some packaging at least. Far from perfect but I’ve never claimed to be that! Wouldn’t it be great if garbage bag companies just decided to completely switch to biodegradable? The remaining cleaners are from Shaklee plus random dishwasher detergent. We usually use Nature Clean, made in Canada, but they were all out last time so we went with the cheapest one available. http://www.naturecleanliving.com/our_products Both my husband and I agree that we miss it and will never resort to buying cheap stuff again.

I even found the time to go through all the vitamins and medicines. Anything expired was taken to the local pharmacy for safe disposal. Just thinking of all the money wasted makes me upset. Much of the packaging isn’t recyclable either. Looking at what was left is frustrating too. Many doubles or triples of similar products. We don’t even get that many headaches! Why do we need so many versions of Tylenol? I’m hoping to curb our medicine habit and that we will start actually taking the vitamins we buy.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a very exciting month. So much going on including my oldest son going off to kindergarten. I bought him a stainless steel water bottle yesterday for his lunches.

He is pretty excited about it and is practicing screwing it on and off.

September is also the start of the paper bag challenge. A few meals have been frozen and are waiting in the freezer. Bringing lunch to work everyday will be easy enough to do. It’s the Starbucks next door that worries me. Is buying coffees cheating?


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Wife, mom, concerned citizen of the earth. Striving towards intentional living rather than blindly following. Former Education Specialist for a corporation, I have now taken a step back to spend time with my family and work closer to home. Hoping to reduce our waste through refusing, reducing and reusing so that we will not have to recycle as much. Also, I love to explore zero-waste fast food and take pictures of my sucesses. I'm a fan of British comedies like Red Dwarf and Black Adder, Kevin Smith and his movies, Asian food, documentaries, biographies and going to Las Vegas on vacation. If someone told me I could only listen to the Beatles for the rest of my life I would die happy.


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