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De-cluttering, Every Cookbook by 2012

Every Cookbook by 2012 – Good Eats

I made Semi-Instant Pancake mix  and then the pancakes from Alton Browns Good Eats (the early years) Cookbook. Usually I buy a whole-wheat pancake mix called Sunny Boy (or Aunt Jemima’s) but I do need to find a homemade mix that will work for my family.

All of the pancake dry mix ingredients can be bought in bulk and made in a zero-waste way. I am not sure the pancakes could actually be made completely without waste unless you had access to zero-waste milk and made your own butter and buttermilk. This recipe was not done with bulk or zero-waste ingredients. I just used what I had in my cupboards plus I bought whipping cream, baking soda and eggs.

The buttermilk in the pancake recipe inspired me to make my own butter. I tortured my co-workers for two days with talk about trying to make my own butter. Google helped me find videos and recipes so that I really understood what I was getting into. This video was pretty helpful… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcO7L8LEDXg 

It was incredibly easy because the only ingredient is whipping cream. I started to use the mason jar shaking method but that got to be too much work. The butter was finished up in my food processor within a minute or two. The buttermilk off into a bowl through a sieve. Any remaining milk would turn it rancid so I rinsed the butter in cold water while stirring it with a spatula to remove it . Why does anyone buy butter if it’s this easy? It is more work to make it but you also end up with buttermilk as the byproduct. So if you do use buttermilk in your home it may make sense to make your own butter. The buttermilk produced from 500 ml of whipping cream turned into butter was just under 1 cup. One batch of pancakes calls for 2 cups of buttermilk so I halved the recipe to make it work. I imagine butter will only be made in my home for special occasions like our annual New Years Eve get together with friends and family.

The pancakes would have been spectacular if I had followed the recipe properly. Still they tasted great and will be much better when I remember that I’m supposed to be halving the WHOLE recipe.

I decided that the Company’s Coming – Make Ahead Meals cookbook was not worth saving so I am giving it away. This approach to de-cluttering seems to be working and is also mighty tasty!

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