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Zero-Waste Fast Food?

Zero-Waste Fast Food? Flying Wedge Pizza

Grabbed a slice on the go yesterday. I’ve never had Flying Wedge Pizza before. When I walked in I noticed so many products were encased in plastic and they had a fridge full of pop bottles. The beacon of hope was the glass display of hot pizza slices and a pop fountain off to the side. There were a bunch of slices to choose from and I decided on one with special peppers, yum. They agreed to put the slice in my Rubbermaid but I was told that it was against their policies normally. They do have a few different options for the slices to go on including a piece of wax paper or a cardboard box. I would suggest another option – maybe people could just grab the slice and eat it right then and there, no papers or cardboard needed. I didn’t want a pop but still asked if I brought my to-go cup next time if that would be okay. I was told that it was against corporate policy to use any cups other than their disposable ones. Don’t know how to properly express my surprise and frustration. So far all fast food restaurants with fountain machines have let me use my refillable cup. Now I’ve been denied. I can’t say that this trip was a success even though I got what I wanted – a zero waste meal. Just knowing that there would not be a zero waste drink option saddens me. The pizza was delicious though.


About stephanieough

Wife, mom, concerned citizen of the earth. Striving towards intentional living rather than blindly following. Former Education Specialist for a corporation, I have now taken a step back to spend time with my family and work closer to home. Hoping to reduce our waste through refusing, reducing and reusing so that we will not have to recycle as much. Also, I love to explore zero-waste fast food and take pictures of my sucesses. I'm a fan of British comedies like Red Dwarf and Black Adder, Kevin Smith and his movies, Asian food, documentaries, biographies and going to Las Vegas on vacation. If someone told me I could only listen to the Beatles for the rest of my life I would die happy.


6 thoughts on “Zero-Waste Fast Food? Flying Wedge Pizza

  1. Hi Stephanie:

    Thanks for the post. I recently had a similar experience at the bulk food store. I brought my own clean containers and filled them with the items that I wanted. When I reached the cash register the cashier became quite upset and said that putting the food into one’s own containers is strictly against Department of Health regualtions and that I should never do it again. There is apparently a risk of cross-contamination. With my head hung very low I paid for my stuff and promised myself that I would never go back to the store again!

    Posted by Susan | July 15, 2011, 3:14 pm
    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your comment. I just found a grocery store that has told me I can use my own containers in the deli. The deli clerk knows about tare and says she will zero out the weight. I will do a blog entry about it after my next grocery shopping. It is experiences like yours that makes a person re-think their customer loyalty! I understand laws and even took a food safe course once but I think it’s our risk to take. Getting food in the containers provided at various places cannot promise you anything 🙂

      Posted by stephanieough | July 16, 2011, 7:58 am
    • I think it’s a good idea to approach the people working in the store in advance to determine if they will support you bringing your own reusable containers. Where I live, it’s at the discretion of the store to decide whether they support customers bringing their own reusable containers. That being said, like you, I would not support a business that did not allow customers to bring their own containers but I sure would find a store that does! I recently asked the Customer Service desk at my local Whole Foods and they were super supportive – they even offered to weigh my containers in advance!

      Posted by Erin | March 28, 2012, 12:26 pm
      • Erin, it was actually the store owner that served me that day. I wrote a quick e-mail to the Franchisor asking about the poilicy. They e-mailed me back saying that the policy is to give a discount to anyone who brings their own container. I was glad to find that out. For the most part all of my zero waste food adventures have been successful. The approach I think makes all the difference! I’m glad to hear Whole Foods allows it.

        Posted by stephanieough | March 28, 2012, 12:34 pm
      • My comment was more directed at Susan who was writing about shopping at establishments with our own reusable containers – I think when we are at restaurants or fast food spots, we don’t have a choice but to ask up front like you did about using your own containers. I think it’s surprising that the person who refused you was the store owner, as I would expect that sort of response from an employee but not as much from a business owner. And good news that you can bring your own container after all!

        I just realized this post is from last summer! Not sure how it showed up on my feed this morning, but I’ve enjoyed reading your posts today!

        Posted by Erin | March 28, 2012, 1:06 pm
      • Sorry Erin! That makes a lot of sense. I was thinking that fast food restaurants have so many employees that if you ask one day and then went in the next day they would have no idea what you were talking about. The franchisee’s reasoning to me was about not only food safety but also correct inventory count to sales count.
        I had an employee at a Save-On say that they probably would give me a roasted chicken in my own container if I brought a big enough one in (sorry, I know your vegan but it’s just as an example). It’s good to know that there are options available if we ask nicely!
        I updated some tags last night so maybe that messed with my posts? Thank you for enjoying my little adventures. They are fun even though I don’t eat much fast food anymore.

        Posted by stephanieough | March 28, 2012, 2:16 pm

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